• Advanced collective of national education system
  • Jiangsu four star vocational school
  • Middle Vocational School of high level of Jiangsu Province
Welcome to the website of Yangzhou Tourism & Business Vocational School (YTBVS). We shall feel happier when you find opportunities to visit our campus, which serves about 5000 three-year full time students at present. You may have come across the word "Yangzhou", the name of the city where our school is located, when you have "Yanzhou (or Yangchow) Fried Rice" in Chinese restaurants. But do remember that Yangzhou does not produce only "Fried Rice", there are many other
Quick Facts
Foundation: YTBVS history dates back as early as 1528, vocational education begins at 1980.
Number of Departments: 6
Student Population: 5314
Students in Continuing Education: 2000
Faculties: 202
Total Area Covered: 68 mu
Founded in 1984, Yangzhou Tourism & Business Vocational School (YTBVS) boasts one of the leading tourism schools in Jiangsu Province. YTBVS owes its flourishing development to its educational philosophy of cultivating professional tour talents for Jiangsu Province